I’m home shopping, when’s the best time to declutter?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Now! It’s always better to downsize or declutter BEFORE you move, because it will save you money to pack and move less. However, sometimes the timing doesn’t always work in your favor.

I recommend beginning your tidying journey at least 3 months before your planned move. But I’ve completed a tidying journey in a week–it all depends on the amount of stuff you own, your motivation and energy levels.

On the flip side, once you’ve moved it can be the perfect time to implement new habits and strategies to help you organize your life. I can help you unpack your belongings and set up a cohesive and efficient home that maximizes your space and implements strategies to build future organized habits.

This is my UNPACK MY MOVE service. You can email me or schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.

What is a Workspace refresh?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Glad you asked! I help people working from home optimize their work environment to be less stressful and more productive, using design and organizing strategies. This typically leads to increased productivity, improved professionalism in virtual meetings and reduced time lost from misplaced items.

During convenient virtual appointments I conduct an in-depth work environment assessment with recommendations for improvements, then I take you through step by step decluttering & organizing lessons personalized for your needs.

Can I complete an entire KonMari Tidying Festival virtually?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Yes, you can! Virtual lessons are now an accepted format in which to conduct tidying lessons using the KonMari Method.

What services can I use the virtual tidying session for?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Virtual coaching sessions can be used to supplement in-home lessons, or replace in-home lessons. They are also a convenient way to work with me to define or realize your vision. Here are some more examples:

  • Extra motivation or support
  • Developing a personalized strategy or plan, goal-setting
  • Accountability and encouragement
  • Personalized advice to simplify your life
  • Workspace Refresh sessions
  • Solving a specific trouble spot in your life or home
  • Advice or inspiration for storage solutions for an area or category
  • Interior design advice or inspiration for an area

Virtual coaching sessions will provide the guidance, support and accountability you need to complete your tidy life transformation (keeping in mind that several sessions may be necessary to reach your individual goals).

Which virtual coaching session is best for me?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

My 2-hour virtual coaching session is the most popular with my clients! But during your free phone consultation, we will discuss your priorities, challenges and vision to determine which package would be the best fit for you.

Should I schedule a phone consultation first?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Yes! Phone consultations give us an opportunity to learn if we are a good fit for each other. We will talk about your goals, motivation, timeline and budget so that we can select the right package for you.

Do you work in my area?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Yes! My virtual services are available worldwide! If you prefer in-home sessions, I travel by bus or tram on the Västtrafik network and try to keep my commute to under an hour. Therefore, I will travel within the Göteborg A area, which includes the immediate surrounding areas of Mölndal and Partille. Requests outside of those areas are subject to additional travel expenses.

What can I expect from using the KonMari Method?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

The KonMari Method is not about discarding. Rather your journey focuses on guiding you through your belongings, on discovering and keeping only the items you love ~ items that Spark Joy.

Some items, although they don’t necessarily Spark Joy, allow us to experience joy through their practical use. For example, it’s difficult to experience joy when we hold a toilet brush or a plunger, but we keep the item because it allows us to keep the toilet clean and running smoothly and that improves the quality of your life.

What is the typical KonMari process?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

We set goals first and identify a desired completion date. This will set the pace and create a vision for your future life.

We address your belongings by category, not by room. There are five categories: Clothing, Books, Paper, Komono (miscellaneous) and Sentimental.

We learn what sparks joy for you. By handling each item you own you refine your joy sparking process and decide what you want to keep in your new future life. We do not look for things to throw away, we look for things to keep.

We declutter first and decide later if you need to purchase storage or organizational supplies. We will often use temporary containers that you already have until the completion of all the categories, only then will it be apparent what your needs really are. Then you can choose to upgrade or keep the temporary storage solutions.

Why should I work with a certified KonMari consultant?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

For the same reason you would hire a personal trainer at the gym! Some people are self-motivated and can understand and implement new concepts with ease and they don’t need anyone to hold their hand during the process. That’s fantastic!

For the rest of us mere mortals, we really just need someone to take the wheel from time to time and appreciate the extra support and encouragement of having someone with them along the way to provide that extra motivation to make positive life changes.

In today’s over-scheduled world, we often lead complex and busy lives and not everyone is able to read ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and study the KonMari Method® in detail.

I have completed rigorous training and will support you without judgement through this exciting and sometimes emotional process and can guide you to achieve long-lasting results. Once you have decided on what to keep, my background in interior design and space planning allows me to see your storage possibilities with fresh eyes and I can offer advice on how to store and organize your belongings in the most efficient and beautiful way.

What can I expect from my first organizing session?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

We’ll start by doing a 20-30 minutes tour of your home and discussing your ideal vision for your home/life. Please do not tidy up before I get there! It is helpful for me to see your home in its natural state so that I can easily identify any trouble areas. The remainder of the session will be spent getting to work on the first category (which will likely be clothing, unless you’ve already done some KonMari categories on your own). Sessions are typically 2 – 4 hours long. This is about how long it takes us to make visible progress without becoming physically and emotionally drained. It’s important to commit to being distraction-free for those four hours.

If you are working with me virtually, it will be important that you have a strong internet connection and a device that can support video calls and photo uploading.

How many sessions will I need?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Each client is unique. The number of sessions that you’ll need depends on many different factors, including the size of your home, the number of belongings, how quickly you make decisions, your motivation and how much “homework” you can complete between sessions.

Usually, people buy a larger package of sessions (at least five sessions), knowing that they will want to dedicate at least one full session to each of the five KonMari categories.

Do I need to be present during my session?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Yes! Only you can determine what sparks joy and this is the time when you learn the techniques of the KonMari Method.

Tidying is a very personal journey and requires concentration and works best when we are working one on one. It is therefore strongly advised that family members, children, others you may share a home with and pets should not be present when a session is taking place.

How do I pay for my session?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

At this time, I can accept payments using Swish.

During our phone consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and budget and together we’ll decide on the best package for your needs. After I’ve received your payment I will send you a link where you can create an account and schedule your session(s) for the days and times that work best for you.

You can find more information about Swish at swish.nu

The problem is my messy family, how do I tidy their things?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

This is an individual journey, so my advice is to lead by example!  If you share your home with others, start by discussing your intentions of creating a safe, calm, organized future for yourself and see if they want to get on board. Begin with your own things and hopefully after your family witness the progress you are making, they may realize the benefits of surrounding themselves with only those items that Spark Joy for them. The positive impact of using The KonMari Method is inspirational.

You can train children as young as three to care for their belongings. If this is a goal for you, we can discuss it in more detail during a phone consultation.

I will work with couples/families if everyone is ready for change. You will not be tidying with each other. Instead you will each be on parallel tracks working one on one with me through your own individual tidying journey. I find that helps clients stay true to their own personal vision and joy meter without influence, judgement or guilt from well-meaning family members.

What if I need to cancel my session?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Life intervenes, people get sick, flights get cancelled, I understand!

Sessions can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before our session by logging in to the Acuity scheduler without penalty.

For sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the client is responsible for first contacting me by text, email or Facebook Messenger and I will confirm as soon as I get your message. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to reschedule with a penalty of a 1 hour deduction off your next session.

If I must cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice, I will ADD one hour to your next session for your inconvenience.

What can I do with the items I no longer want?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

There are so many alternatives to throwing things “away” into a landfill. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Myrorna Olskroken https://www.myrorna.se/har-finns-vi/olskroken-goteborg/

Myrorna Järntorget https://www.myrorna.se/har-finns-vi/goteborg-jarntorget/

Emmaus Björka http://emmausbjorka.se/

EriksHjälpen  https://erikshjalpen.se/second-hand/skank-en-vara/

Göteborgs Stadsmission https://www.stadsmissionen.org/second-hand/skank-saker/

Sellpy https://www.sellpy.se/

YayTrade https://www.yaytrade.com/

Blocket https://www.blocket.se/

Tradera https://www.tradera.com/

Facebook Marketplace

There are also commission based options that focus on sustainable clothing rehoming such as @mia.slow_fashion on Instagram.

Pratar du svenska?2022-05-14T18:39:37+00:00

Absolut! Jag har studerat svenska och har klarat flera prov på nationell nivå. Jag älskar att få möjligheter att träna min svenska!

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