Red Roof Inn

Completed 1998
Columbus, OH

Converting an old warehouse space into a fitting home for a Red Roof Inn obviously involved major overhauls, such as gutting every floor and designing new layouts to better house guests, replacing all the building’s windows, as well as adding new floors within an $8 million budget. A significant amount of time was spent on aesthetic touches that fit with the classy “downtown” feel of other stopovers in the area. This included replacing or tinting existing, weathered bricks, as well as integrating a brand new roof system, which captured the mood of the design style. A final touch was adding additional architectural features to the lobby, to create the vibe of a more costly hotel.

My responsibilities for this 149-room, seven story hotel included: field measuring; space planning; construction details; documentation revisions; M-color digital renderings; and furniture plans. The supporting walls in the original masonry construction were 18″ thick on the lower floors and then became thinner with higher floors, requiring layout adjustments to each individual guest room.

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