Southern Theatre

Renovated 1998
Columbus, OH

The restoration of this 933 seat theater was more than simply retouching existing elements. The building had been abandoned for several decades and required total gutting for the remodel. FMS installed new floors and seats, as well as new mechanical, acoustical and electrical systems. Electric lighting was a new safer trend during the 1890s replacing gas and candlelight, and FMS worked it heavily into our remodel. We rebuilt gilded, plaster moldings for more than 200 lamps, which bathe the theater in diffused light. The renovation of the oldest surviving theatre in Central Ohio involved a budget in excess of $10 million.

My responsibilities as interior designer consisted of conceptual hand sketches, historical research and development, AutoCAD construction documents, document checking, team coordination, client presentations, M-color computer renderings, custom Axminster carpet design, finish selections, sample boards, specifications and documentation.

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Photo © FMS architects