Replacing storage containers should be the very LAST thing you do after you finish your entire tidying journey!

The KonMari Method® does not recommend going out and buying storage containers, but rather you should use what you already own. That includes repurposing bags, baskets and boxes as well as “shopping” your recycling bin. Your storage should be considered temporary until your entire journey is complete. Often as you clear out unwanted items, you may be left with an abundance of containers that can be reused.

However, once you have reached your goal and it’s time to find permanent storage solutions, then you might want to consider selective upgrades.

If you are a fan of Marie Kondo’s taste and aesthetic, then you’ll be happy to hear that she has collaborated with The Container Store to curate a line of storage solutions for every room in your home! The Container Store is an American based company, but they ship internationally! So that’s exciting news for those of us in Europe.

You can find out more and listen to Marie introduce her line here, but if you live outside of the US  you’ll need to order through The Container Store’s website.

She has chosen some beautiful storage options to enhance the design of your home. They are practical, yet sleek. I’m pleased to see an emphasis on natural materials and quality. As with all purchases, I encourage you to shop mindfully and only buy things you truly need. Any new items should spark joy for you. If you aren’t a fan of her aesthetic, by all means, walk away with confidence!

If you need a little help finishing your tidying journey or are too overwhelmed to begin, never fear! Help is near. Simply schedule a free consultation to get started.

Photos Courtesy of The Container Store x KonMari