This week I have the honor of collaborating with 5 other KonMari consultants to talk about spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning for me happens in March or April, depending on how cooperative the weather is.  If I can open the windows wide, inviting the fresh air in without feeling like a blast chiller, that’s usually a good time to start.

March is here and with more sunny days and warm weather, Spring cleaning vibes are in the air. Sometimes getting motivated is the hardest part when you don’t know where to start. Here are six spring cleaning tips from Professional Organizers that anyone can do.

Kammy from Organized by Kammy:

My top spring-cleaning tip comes with Grandma’s stamp of approval: The best way to clean windows is with newspaper. 

Unlike paper towels, newspaper won’t leave behind any lint. And the dense fibers of newspaper are free of silica or calcium carbonate which may scratch surfaces. Most newspapers in the U.S. have been using smear-free soy-based inks since 2000, so you needn’t fear creating black streaks on your windows. (If in doubt, test your paper by holding it between thumb and finger for at least one minute. Stained fingers indicate the paper uses petroleum-based ink, and shouldn’t be used for cleaning.)

A 50-50 mix of vinegar and water is an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleansers. Lightly spray the window using a spray bottle, then wipe with newspaper. (You can also use a mix of dish soap and water as an extra first step to remove the dirt from very dirty exterior windows.) Your windows will be clean and streak-free. Newspaper is also great for cleaning mirrors and chrome fixtures.

Petra Pupić from Root of Joy:

This spring give your washing machine extra attention. First start by cleaning it all together, remove

  • the detergent drawer,
  • the filter (usually at the bottom),
  • outside of the machine – with diluted white vinegar (spray bottle filled with half vinegar half water)
  • inside of the machine – with empty, long, hot cycle with 3 cups of baking soda (directly in machine)

For cleaning use old cotton t-shirt, not microfiber cloth because it leaves microplastics behind in our oceans, sea world and on our table.

When you finished cleaning it, stop for a second and revisit the decision about your laundry detergent and softener. Are they harmful for your clothes and consequently for your skin? Are they harmful for the nature around you?

Solution number one: you don’t need softener

Even if you have hard water, I challenge you to try it without it.  If your towels do come out little rough, look at them as peeling accessorize because they will easily remove the dead skin while you dry yourself after the shower and then you can slip into nice bathrobe.

There is of course financial upside of this and you also have more storage room in your bathroom.

Solution number two: Choose an eco, plastic-free, vegan and cruelty free laundry detergent 

Some new habits are too hard for us, but some, like this one, are the step in right direction we can easily take. Here is the list of some companies that checked all criteria: Dropps, Tru Earth, Green and Frugal, Earth Breeze, Blueland, Seventh Generation, Country Save, Sheets laundry club.

To keep your machine lasting a long time, remember to always:

  • Leave the lid or the door slightly open as well as detergent drawer to help them dry properly
  • Remove the excess water from the rubber gasket with an old cloth after every cycle

Heather Banks from TidyLife:

Spring cleaning would be a misnomer if it didn’t involve cleaning, but my number one tip isn’t actually about cleaning. My number one tip is to go around your home and discover what needs to be repaired or replaced since the year before.

I don’t know about you, but I’m prone to hibernating during the cold months and sometimes the long dark days can lower my motivation which leaves a lot of things undone. The fresh air and sunshine can be invigorating so I take advantage of this energy!

Usually, light bulbs start to burn out so I’ll pick up some extra bulbs to have on hand.  It’s a good time to check for holes or worn spots in your clothes, especially outerwear like gloves. I like to wear the stretchy gloves and my nails inevitably burst through the fingertips. Go ahead and launder everything first, then spend a couple minutes with a needle and thread to repair any small holes before tucking them away in storage. This way they will be ready when you need them next year.

Take a moment to follow up on any winterization improvements. Did your windows feel extra drafty this year? Did something break over the winter that you haven’t found time to fix? This is the perfect time to reset your home so that you can relax and enjoy the warmer months to come.

Kristin DeCou from Modern Fresh:

Use cleaning products that invigorate the senses. If they smell good, look good, and are good for the environment, you’ll FEEL good every time you clean. You might even look forward to cleaning those kitchen countertops!

You can even invigorate the senses while you clean. Start with what’s easiest for you and find ways to make it fun:

1. Listen to your favorite podcast or playlist.

2. Treat yourself to your favorite beverage and enjoy while you clean.

3. Light a candle or essential oils to refresh your space.

Don’t work to clean, make cleaning work for you.

Selina Mills from Restful Space:

The sun has appeared in England for the first time this year so I’ve been in my garden, sewing veggie seeds and surrounding myself with lots of lovely plants.

My home is also filled with plants and much as I love them, they do require time and energy, watering, re-potting, and critically: dusting.

The ones with the tiny leaves are tricky but here’s my tip. In the spring, on a day when the temperatures are not too dissimilar to indoors but when a bit of rain is forecast, take your plants outdoors and let them get thoroughly showered! A light breeze is no problem but of course avoid windy days, and your plants will feel as though they’ve been on holiday.

When they’ve dried off, remove dead or untidy leaves, pot up any that are outgrowing their pots, and replace. (They might need different homes in their new, bigger pots!)

You can, of course, achieve the same in the bathroom shower, but it can make a mess and there’s way more romance doing it outdoors!

Janine Morales from TidyCloset:

My number one tip for spring cleaning is get your closet cleared out. If you have ever walked into your overstuffed closet and still felt like you have nothing to wear, you are not alone. The reason we default to wearing our to-go comfy clothes is because it is often overwhelming to have to go through a closet that is cluttered. By taking the time to minimize your wardrobe to only items you love, chances are you will be wearing more spark joy clothes more often and feel great about yourself.

  • Step one: Take out all of your clothes and pile them on your bed
  • Step two: Touch every single item and ask how it makes you feel. If it sparks joy keep it, if it does not say thank you and goodbye.
  • Step three: After joy checking your clothes arrange them by type and put them neatly back into your closet.
  • Step four: Drop off your donations at your favorite charity.

After you complete these steps you will have a more manageable amount of clothes in the space and you will get inspired to actually wear your beautiful feel good pieces because you can actually see them.


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