Have you ever wished you knew the secrets to living a simpler, more intentional lifestyle?

Well, today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to share some of the advice I give my clients so you can start living your best life, today!

I often find that my clients have something in common. They are individuals who are feeling overwhelmed in life due to too much physical, emotional, and mental clutter holding them back, making it difficult for them to discover who they really are. They are living, or rather merely existing, in an environment that’s not conducive to personal growth or change.

If you can relate to my clients, then it’s my goal to empower you to take a journey of self discovery; to find out your likes, dislikes, passions, goals, dreams and your impact on the world by stripping away the unnecessary. I encourage you to make positive, intentional choices moving forward while establishing healthy habits and strategies. By investing in yourself now, you can enjoy living an intentional, curated life that you’ve designed.

I recommend you take a few minutes to watch the videos, as they contain more information than I will list here.

Let’s begin with my first tip, which is to create a life vision for yourself. You might be familiar with the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years (or 10 years)?” This goes even deeper. You want to imagine what your future lifestyle looks like. How do you feel? What do you want to accomplish in life? What do you want to have more time for? Are you stuck in somebody else’s version of yourself? What I mean by that, is that sometimes expectations get placed on you by a well meaning loved one and it was never really something that you would have chosen for yourself.

Write it down, draw a mind map, cut out and paste pictures, start a Pinterest board or create something digitally–use anything within your skill set to document your vision! It’s super important to document this step because you will use it to develop goals and refer back to it for inspiration and motivation.

After you’ve created your life vision it’s time to move on to tip #2 which is to declutter your possessions. This is where you identify what “stuff” brings you joy and we strip away everything else that is suffocating you. Because this a highly personal journey, it’s important that you only declutter the objects that belong to you. It’s always easier to throw out things that aren’t yours because you don’t feel the emotional attachment, but that’s cheating! Also, it crosses a boundary that you probably wouldn’t want someone else to do to you. So just focus on YOUR stuff and feel the feels.

I find that by using the KonMari Method® you can efficiently joy check every item in your possession and decide if it will get you closer to your life vision, improves the quality of your life, or if you need to let it go. If you aren’t familiar with the KonMari Method® you can check out my blog post here.

Remember to take care of your discards, recyclables, donations or trash right away so they don’t find their way back into the home! They’re tricky little buggers.

Only after you’ve finished joy checking or letting go of your stuff should you move on to my third tip, which is to organize your stuff. Not only will having a system of organization in your home allow you to find things quickly and easily, I’ve found that it reduces visual stimulation (sensory overload) and provides a calming effect as well. There’s no need to go out and spend a lot of money buying fancy containers to store your stuff, unless that is part of your life vision.

I find that a lot of storage needs can be addressed by repurposing things you already have and by saving a few containers from the recycle bin. For example, an empty mint tin can hold a multitude of small items from earrings to paper clips. An empty shoe box can store smaller clothes folded vertically, stationary supplies, photos or crafty bits.  This is not permission to save EVERYTHING in your recycle bin, just what you need to use immediately, and recycle the rest.

If you’re not a fan of having so much waste and recycling because of the environmental effects they have, skip on down to tip #7 where I talk about future choices. Now you can choose to decrease your consumption to reduce your waste if that is important to you in the future.

My fourth tip to simplify your life is to declutter your mind. You’ve already learned how important it is to remove the unnecessary physical stuff that’s holding you back, now it’s time to clear out the mental stuff.  The first thing to go should be those self-critical negative thoughts!

Feel free to try out different strategies to see what works best for you. Your best solution might be a combination of techniques. Journal, write lists, use phone apps, record voice memos, leave sticky notes–these are all tools you can use to reduce the noise and clutter in your head. It’s been my experience that this practice improves focus and memory while reducing anxiety and stress.

Tip #5 is to use your life vision as a guide to create strategies to reach your goals. This is where all of your hard work really starts to come together. This phase is really about priorities, habits and consistency. Just like with your vision, you should post these new strategies where you can see them so they will serve as reminders until they become habits. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit so be patient with yourself, this is a personal growth journey.

After you’ve established some new habits and strategies that are getting you closer to your vision, it’s important to remember to check in with yourself along the way to see how you are doing. This is a form of self-accountability and can be challenging for some people. If you struggle with this, I want you to enlist the help of a friend, family member or a professional to help hold you accountable. Just be sure that this is a person that you can trust and that they will be supportive of YOUR goals and not impose their will on you. Having an accountability partner or doing self check-ins will improve your consistency and help you stay on track so that you can reach your goals.

That brings me to my last tip which is to be mindful and intentional with your future choices. After putting in the work on your personal growth journey, how do you maintain your success and not backslide into apathy and chaos? It’s all about the intentional choices you make everyday. A great question to ask yourself is: “Will this help me get closer to my life vision?”

Life is too short to be miserable.

You have simplified your environment and your thoughts, set up structures and have systems in place, now take it to the next level and really be present in your life. Don’t just exist in your life, but really live your life! Make it meaningful!

Your home and life doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy. It’s more important to be authentic to yourself.

If you’d like to find out more about the KonMari Method® or how to lead a more authentic, intentional life, go ahead and schedule a consultation. We can talk about what your goals are and how to reach them!