Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing guru, has become a household name. She has written several books and has even launched a Netflix series. Now she intends to Organize the World™ with her army of tidying consultants! But if all of these resources are available to follow, why do we need consultants??

That is a terrific question! Let me begin by asking you a another question:

There are hundreds of diet and exercise books out there, why would you hire a personal trainer to get fit?

Because sometimes you need more!

Some people are highly motivated, dedicated, driven DIYers that can take a task from start to finish. They are amazing and may someday become a consultant themselves. I’m not talking about them. They can do it on their own.

I’m talking about the rest of us mere mortals who are missing a piece of the puzzle. Do you have the time, but lack the motivation? Do you have the motivation but are overwhelmed when it comes time to begin? Do you start, but can’t find it within you to finish? Do you get lost going down memory lane only to find that the day has gone by and you’re no closer to the finish line?

You, my friend, are exactly who can benefit from a Certified KonMari Consultant!!

Consider KonMari Consultants the missing piece of YOUR puzzle. We are here to help you identify the life you want to lead, and help you declutter away everything that is holding you back from that path. We provide accountability, time management, motivation, encouragement, objectivity, a personalized plan of action, and support every step of the way. And most importantly, NO JUDGEMENT! Ever.

When you invest in the services of a Certified KonMari Consultant, you are making an investment in yourself. Just like a personal trainer, we coach, teach and guide you to be the best version of yourself. Your life is a reflection of your environment. When your surroundings are calm and tidy it allows your mind to be free from external distractions so that you can work on your internal personal growth. Change can be scary and hard, I understand!

You can do hard things!

I believe in you. Are you ready for change?